Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Big Blog!!!

Once again I have neglected my blog and am now playing catch up. These are not really in order so I will just explain as I go.

Last weekend the Matthew's family invited us to attend Brookyn's baptism and Ryker's baby blessing. Afterward, they hosted a dinner at their house where the girls got to play and most importantly... hold baby Ryker.

Here is Zerin so proud to be holding him all by herself.

Zadie looks sad but only because she was told she was not allowed to touch his face for the tenth time. She loved cuddling and petting him.

A couple weeks ago the girls and I were in Snowflake for a few days. We walked up to the temple and this was the closest to two smiles I could get.

Here the girls are helping Jimbo walk Pistol and Pete. They may get pulled along but they feel so big walking those dogs.

At the park I tried to get them to pose for a picture and this was the best buddies picture I could get. They truly are best friends and get along so well.

Zadie is precious. She does not often stop for the camera but when she does you can capture how sweet she really is.

Zerin is fun loving and always busy. She loves to stop and smile for the camera and share her smile.

I love this picture of Zadie at the bottom of the slide. Her smile is to sweet and loving.

Zerin loves life and always goes full force.

This is a picture taken on the carousel at the World Wildlife Zoo. We rode twice because the first time the girls were a little overwhelmed by the choices and Zerin ended up on the bench and at the end realized she wanted to ride the monkey.

Here is Zadie on the giraffe in her giraffe shirt. I love how this picture looks with the vintage editing.

This is at the entrance to the zoo. As the girls wanted to run in I told them to turn around and hold hands so I could take a picture. It is now one of our favorites. Dale says they look like two little old ladies and we just have to laugh when ever we see it.

This is our karate kids. Zerin tends to want to fight, while Zadie want to pretend karate. Their karate belts are valentines day head bands. This concept is purely imagination from Zadie.

Here is karaoke. Zadie started this idea and Zerin was not going to miss out on the fun.

Zerin loved feeding the giraffe at the zoo. She was not scared of it's long tongue at all. Zadie was a little hesitant and did not find the same enjoyment.

This was a video we sent to Mick after he had to go home and we stayed in Arizona a few more days. I love it because you can see how quick Zerin is. She loves to run fast.

These two girls keep us on our toes and never let us get board. They are constant coming up with new ideas and games to keep us laughing. I will try to do better at keeping you all updated on a better basis.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crazy Us

Our first winter in Farmington has giving us a few bugs. Bronchitis, colds, fevers, and upset tummies to name a few. But we are surviving and trying to have fun in the mean time. The girls love to stay busy and although we spend a lot of time in the house we try to get out as much as possible when we are healthy. We have a favorite park that is not too far from our house.

Zerin is the captain of the park.

Zadie is the hostess with the mostest.

They love to climb this rock wall and think they are so big when they get to the top.

I straightened the girl's hair one night and got a kick out of their new look.
Zadie from behind

She did not stand still so this was the best shot I got of her.

Zerin's luscious locks.

I hardly ever have a hard time getting Zerin to pose for the camera.

Zerin and Bryle Matthews had me take about 15 pictures of them making faces for the camera. This one is my favorite. The others are mainly of Bryle making a face and Zerin laughing at it.

We were finally all healthy enought to go see the Matthew's new baby, Ryker. The girls just love him and will be great big sisters when the time comes. But for now we will spoil Ryker.

Zerin resisting temptation to try to touch or hold him.

Zadie after being told for the tenth time to stay out of his face.

Zadie trying to get in his face. It is really cute but I hope we didn't bother him too much. He has older sibling so I am sure he is getting used to it.

This is in our playroom. The hole up top is from Mick's elbow after slipping on a book one night after turning off the tv. A couple weeks later Mick was playing rock band with the girls and one of them dropped a drum stick in that hole. Well my husband being the dry wall guy that he is decided to cut a hole at the bottom to get it out since he needed to fix the top one anyways. Well to his surprise....

This is what he found in the wall along with the drum stick. Who knew. Those little toots always find new ways to surprise us. Moral of the story... if there is a hole in the wall, fix it right away before it gets filled up by two year olds.

Yes they are wild and probably should be caged at times, but lately they do it to themselves. If the dogs can do it then I guess they can too. What am I going to do? For now at least the cribs are holding them in at night. The rest of the day I am always finding these two getting in to something.

Target had Easter bonnets in their dollar section and my girls wanted one. For only a buck (Well two bucks) I caved pretty easily. So now we have hats. Well I may call them bonnets but to my daughters they are "Cowboys, Yee Haw." This is what they say every time they put them on.

They are so cute and although I get overwhelmed more easily than I should, I love these two and could not imagine life without them. They get bigger everyday and I only wish we were closer so you all could experience it with us. It is a lot to experience alone so don't hesitate to come visit. I am sure we won't disappoint. These two make everyday an adventure.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas and everything else...

Well once again it has been a while since I have blogged. But here I go again with another update. We have been super busy and are always trying to plan a trip back to AZ as soon as we get back. We will be visiting again next week. WOO HOO!!! But here is what we have been up to in Farmington.

A couple weeks before Christmas we watched the Matthews kids and had a blast.

We built and decorated gingerbread houses. We enjoyed the candy too.

The girls did a great job and couldn't wait to show Randon and Megan.

The 2 year olds made their own and thought they were so big. My girls kept telling us they were painting "Tanta's House" (aka Santa's House)

Mick supervised the 2 year olds and tried his best to keep it in one piece and to keep the candy on it. It only lasted so long.

It was crumbled and picked over in a hurry.

It has been pretty cold out here, especially for us, so the girls got new pajamas before Christmas. They LOVE them. They got Thomas, Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse. We are now sleeping much warmer.

Zerin LOVES to make faces for the camera and then look at the pictures. Most of the time she doesn't even let me get the picture snapped before she she walks over to see it. It is pretty funny.

She is crazy out of control!

Now some of the goodies they got for Christmas... I didn't have my camera Christmas morning at Nan and Dale's house so I will have to get those pictures from her. But here are some of the things they got.

They each received a singing animal from Santa. They are a big hit and drive us crazy but the girls love them so much that we can tolerate it. The Dog sing BINGO and the elephant sings Do Your Ears Hang Low. They like to play them and then dance around the house while they are singing.

Fingernail polish was in their stockings so I tried my best to give them pretty fingers. They loved it and wanted to paint their own. I told them no. Could you imagine the mess...

Well my husband is nicer than me and said that if I supervised they could paint his toes. They each picked a color and went to town. Like I said, "A Mess!"

Meet the newest members of our family. Woody and Jesse are huge hits. They love to take their hats on and off. We also have the movies to watch now too.

Aerial and Belle are also residing with us. They get put to sleep in their doll beds and pushed in the strollers.

They also are now even bigger fans of My Little Pony. We have plenty to play with.

They even came with their own house. The toilet flushes and there is a button that plays the theme song. They also have a movie that we have already watched a handful of times. I am going to have to get a DVD player for their toy room so Mick and I wont be forced to watch it and every other show over and over.

Aunt Shelbie supplied a real doll house that never stops getting played with and rearranged.

Then we have our stacking blocks. Zadie LOVES to build. She makes us help her. It is so cute, she will grab a finger and drag us into the playroom make us sit on the floor and then put our hands on a block and will not let go until we start stacking them. It is so funny how bossy she can be.

Even more fun that building is knocking a tower over. This is usually when Zerin will jump into the fun. They just love to make messes.

With all this and more, our toy room is a disaster. I will organize it again soon but I am not really looking forward to it.

Here is Zerin showing off her attitude. Oh believe me she has plenty of it. Her hair is crazy because it was under her beanie, but i just love it.

One of their several outfits from Christmas were jogging suits and hats from my mom. As featured in the blog heading they are the cutest things ever.

Daddy and Zadie walking in the back yard. She loves her Daddy and is becoming more and more cuddly. It is so nice to have a child who wants to sit on you lap sometimes. She is really sweet.

We never know what we will get with Zerin and it changes constantly. But one thing for sure is that no matter her mood she is still so dang cute!!

And we just call Zadie precious. But don't be fooled she has a dark side too....

We finally got snow and woke up this morning ready to play in it.

All bundled up, excited, and ready to go! We finally broke out their big coats.

Zerin was SO excited.

Zadie was taking it all in.

These two sisters love to play together and always make sure the other doesn't miss out on anything.

We started by building a snowman. And they couldn't wait.

Zerin loves to help and we can get her to do most anything if we tell her we need her to be our helper. She helped us roll all three parts and never got board. Zadie was just enjoying exploring.

Once all three pieces were stacked they were so excited to have a snowman.

It only got better as we decorated him and they both wanted to put on some final touches.

Zerin was so proud. She worked really hard helping out.

The final masterpiece was loved with hugs and even got some kisses too.

After the snow man was done we moved on to a snowball fight. The girls liked trying to make their own but always asked for help when they wanted to throw one.

Then we made snow angels. Even after my demonstration they still need some help.

I was getting laughed at and given crazy looks. I am pretty sure they both thought I was nuts for having them lay down in the snow and wave their arms and legs.

Here is a video of our snow day.

Sorry this was the longest post ever but I still have a hard time finding long enough spans of time to sit at the computer and get it all in. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year!!!